Construction on the Gardiner Expressway

Explore your commuting options

The City of Toronto is conducting work on the Gardiner Expressway as part of its strategic rehabilitation plan, and is working with Smart Commute to encourage and support commuting alternatives.

Gardiner Expressway Toronto image on Smart Commute

Maintenance work is scheduled to begin on April 28, 2014.  The number of travel lanes will be reduced in both directions until December 2016, and delays are expected.

Commuters are encouraged to look at options to driving alone on the Gardiner during this time:

Transit – Where service is available, taking transit may be a more effective option than driving alone.  Check out service maps and schedules for the TTC and GO Transit to see if this option works for you.

Alternative Work Hours – Delays on the Gardiner are expected during peak travel times, and commuters are encouraged to begin their workday earlier or later to avoid these times.  Smart Commute is working with employers to allow more flexible start and finish times.

Telework – Some employers offer commuters the opportunity to work from home or at a remote office, even if it is just on an occasional basis. Smart Commute helps employers develop telework programs and policies.

Carpooling offers a number of other benefits, like special parking lots to meet your carpool partners, cost savings, and some Smart Commute workplaces even offer priority parking spaces for carpoolers. If you’re still not sure about carpooling, Smart Commute can help you get started.

Alternative Routes – To help those drivers who can’t use any other options, the City of Toronto is making signal timing changes to improve traffic flow on nearby routes, and is working to reduce disruptions from other construction projects on these streets.  Please be patient – you may also experience delays on these routes.

Cycling – Commuters travelling shorter distances may find it faster and more pleasant to bike to work.  Cycling routes parallel to the Gardiner can be found on the City of Toronto’s website. Remember, all GO buses and TTC buses have bike racks that accommodate two bikes, so you can use a combination of bikes and transit for your commute.

Talk to your employer – Smart Commute works with employers in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area to make commuting easier and more enjoyable, especially during disruptions.  Find out if your workplace is already a member, or contact us to sign up.

For more information about the timing of scheduled maintenance work on the Gardiner Expressway, visit the City of Toronto web page or call 311 in Toronto.