Cycling is not only an enjoyable commute option but it provides significant economic, health, and environmental benefits as well.

Save Time

Cycling to work can save you time spent waiting in traffic. No longer do you have to worry about delays caused by traffic congestion, ensuring that your commute is both reliable and efficient.

Save Money

Eliminate the financial costs of parking, fuel, and vehicle maintenance by cycling to work.

Health Benefits

Cycling energizes the mind while reducing fatigue, stress, and tension. Studies show that cycling and walking can decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, and other illnesses. Just 30 minutes of brisk walking and/or cycling each day can improve both your mental and physical health.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Choosing to cycle to work means you are significantly improving air quality, as both commute modes produce zero greenhouse gas emissions. By driving 10% less and choosing active commute options instead, a person can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 0.2 to 0.8 tonnes per year.

Helpful Resources

Getting Started

Safety and Education
The City of Toronto has a number of ongoing safety campaigns to encourage awareness of cycling safety issues.  The City also has the CAN-Bike Program, which offers courses to learn how to ride, or improve your cycling skills to ride more safely. A series of safety tip videos are available online.

Toronto Police Bicycle Registration
Registering your bicycle will greatly assist in its recovery if stolen.

City Pavement Markings and Signs
Learn about the infrastructure which makes Toronto’s different types of bikeways.  Different bikeway designs also have different bylaws which govern how they may be used by cyclists and motorists.


City of Toronto Cycling Map
The Toronto Cycling Map is a great resource for planning your route to work, school, shopping, or simply to explore. Hard-copy maps are produced by the City of Toronto and available free of charge.

Toronto Cycling App
The Toronto Cycling App is a new, free smartphone application that will enable cyclists to contribute to the future of cycling infrastructure in Toronto.

Multi-use Trails
Learn about Toronto’s on-going multi-use trail development, and the Bike Trails Implementation Plan.

Cycle Tracks
Click for information and maps about new designs to upgrade some of Toronto’s downtown bicycle lanes. The purpose of the new ‘Cycle Track’ design upgrades is to discourage motorists from parking, standing, or stopping illegally in the bicycle lanes.

Bike Share Program

Bike Share Toronto
Bike Share Toronto is network of bikes throughout the downtown core which you can borrow, and then return to any docking station. Smart Commute offers a corporate discount, and Live Green Toronto Membership Card holders can benefit from a discount from a full-year subscription.