Join the growing number of commuters in the GTHA looking at healthy, sustainable and cost-effective commuting options to get to and from work each day!

If you work at a Smart Commute workplace, you’ll have access to great services to help you improve your commute, save time and money, and reduce congestion! (See our list of participating employers in the Toronto Central region).

Services for commuters can include:

Emergency Ride Home – to reimburse you when you’ve commuted in sustainably but need to get home quickly

Clinics and workshops – on topics like bike repair, winter cycling, eco-driving, walking and more

Ride-matching tool – to help you easily find carpool partners and plan your route

Campaigns and contests – great ways to engage your workplace

Access to resources and customized commute support 

Your workplace may have additional discounts, policies, programs and on-site infrastructure to further support your smart commuting. Ask us and we can let you know!