Smart Commute Toronto-Central

Smart Commute works with employers and commuters in the GTHA to find sustainable commuting solutions. Together, we can reduce congestion in Toronto, improve air quality, combat climate change, and improve our daily commutes.

If you’re an employer or property manager, let us help you deliver a customized program that will support your employees to commute sustainably – and that will position you as an employer of choice and an environmental leader.

If you’re a commuter at a Smart Commute workplace, the programs and services available to you can help you find healthy, sustainable and cost-effective ways of getting into work each day.

If your organization is located within the area pictured below, you fall within our service area.

Smart Commute Toronto-Central is a program of the City of Toronto and Metrolinx. It is part of a network of Smart Commute associations across the GTHA.