Workplace Designations

The Workplace Designation program rewards Smart Commute workplaces on their commitment to promoting and supporting sustainable travel options for their organization, recognizing them as leaders in corporate social responsibility.

Smart Commute workplaces can qualify for one of four designation levels, based on the efforts they have made to implement new initiatives that help more commuters choose alternatives to driving alone (such as walking, biking, transit, carpooling, and teleworking), as well as engage commuters on a regular basis.

The designation levels are below, along with the number of workplaces that currently hold the designation:

  • Smart Commute Bronze Workplace (80)
  • Smart Commute Silver Workplace (98)
  • Smart Commute Gold Workplace (64)
  • Smart Commute Platinum Workplace (22)

Please see the document linked below for the full list of Smart Commute workplaces that have received a designation for 2018: