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With over 20,000 employees nationwide, IBM Canada contributes to technological solutions driving business. A leader in many respects, IBM Canada is dedicated to helping clients innovate and succeed, and also helping its employees choose their way to work.

With over one-quarter of its workforce headquartered in Markham, Ontario, IBM Canada became involved with Smart Commute 404-7 in 2005. “We wanted to encourage other means of commuting to work other than a single occupant vehicle”, says Garry Travers, Manager of Environmental Affairs. In an area already heavily burdened with traffic congestion, IBM Canada has become a leader in the movement to change commuting habits.

Since joining, IBM has participated in a variety of networking and awareness-raising sessions and has actively sought to increase employee’s knowledge about their commuting options. They’ve introduced a discounted monthly transit pass program and encourage employees to participate in – a region-wide carpool matching service. IBM has also installed showers and bike racks at their facilities to encourage active commuting.

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IBM Canada Lab, Markham, Ontario

Can a technological leader and corporate giant like IBM think outside the box? You bet. “Overall, I think we’re moving the population in the right direction”, says Mr. Travers.