Carpooling is when you share a ride with other commuters who work or live near you. Carpools are easy to form and allow drivers and passengers to share the expenses of driving to work, while helping to ease traffic congestion.

Car in Carpool Only LaneSave Money

Minimize the costs of owning a car by carpooling. The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) estimates that owning and operating a car costs approximately $9,000 per year. Sharing the costs of fuel and parking by carpooling can reduce car expenses from 50% to 75%.

Save Time

Carpooling allows you to take advantage of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes, which are designed to move more people through high-traffic areas. HOV lanes help carpoolers arrive at their destinations in less time. Commuters have reported that they save 14 to 17 minutes per trip by using HOV lanes. A number of workplaces also offer priority parking for carpoolers, ensuring that employees who rideshare are able to park closely to their building entrance.

Improve Air Quality

Carpooling is a more sustainable commute option than driving alone. By sharing fuel with other passengers in your carpool, you are reducing the amount of smog-causing emissions that enter our atmosphere.


It’s easy and convenient to form your own carpool! Take advantage of the Smart Commute online tool to help you to find other people who are looking to share a ride to work. The online tool allows you to customize your search criteria, ensuring that you find the best carpool match.

There are lots of convenient places that you can meet your carpool partners. For a list of free carpool parking lots offered by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, click here.

GO Transit also offers free carpool parking at select stations. To take advantage of these priority parking spots, apply for a free carpool parking permit by completing an application form.

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