Cycling Support and Infrastructure

Are you looking to promote cycling at your workplace? Here’s a few ways we can help!

Shower and locker facilities

Smart Commute can work with you to implement cycling facilities such as showers and lockers. Through our customized Employee Commuter Survey, we can tailor the questions to better understand the cycling infrastructure needs at your workplace. We work with other City of Toronto divisions to help you

In 2011, Smart Commute successfully helped Liberty Village BIA implement the Bike Here! program through the Live Green Toronto Grant. The program provided commuters at Liberty Village BIA with 12 artistic bike racks and 15 secure bike lockers.

Bicycle User Group

A Bicycle User Group (BUG) encourages and supports cyclists who BUG Bicycle User Group Network Logowant to work together to promote cycling at your workplace. Your BUG can focus on goals such as improving access to secure bike parking, implementing shower facilities, and arranging casual rides and group commutes to work.

A BUG is a great way for your employees or tenants to connect with like-minded cyclists or to stay informed about upcoming Smart Commute cycling workshops.

If you have an existing BUG at your workplace, we can come on-site to promote it and encourage sign-ups. If you don’t, we would be happy to help you start one.