Carpool Zone

The Smart Commute Online ToolRoad Rage? Try Group Therapy is a state-of-the-art ridematching service that can help your employees find colleagues looking to share a ride.

As a member of Smart Commute, your employees will have access to an exclusive Smart Commute Tool sub-group created just for your company, helping your employees quickly and easily create carpools with their co-workers. Users will gain access to thousands of commuters, increasing the likelihood of your employees finding a carpool partner and reducing the demands on your parking supply.

The Smart Commute Online Tool also allows you to track carpooling activity and measure the savings in greenhouse gas emissions, vehicle kilometres. traveled and commuting costs.

To find out just how much the savings might be, check out our Savings Calculator. Warning: you may be surprised!

Throughout the year, Smart Commute hosts fun and interactive events to promote sustainable commuting and other services to your employees.

Preferred Carpool Parking Program

To further encourage your employees to carpool to work, Smart Commute can also help you implement a preferred carpool parking program. Smart Commute Online Tool members at your workplace who are part of an existing carpool will be able to take advantage of priority parking spots for free!