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Boost employee productivity and your bottom line

Smart Commute is a leader in sustainable transportation solutions, offering customizable products and services to help commuters choose alternatives to driving alone. We work with organizations that are interested in saving money and demonstrating leadership. Our results-driven program can help you realize a significant return on investment and position you as an employer of choice. Join more than 250 progressive organizations representing over half a million commuters already enjoying the benefits of Smart Commute.

The benefits of joining Smart Commute are many. Our programs can help you:

  • Become a more attractive workplace for potential recruits: in today’s competitive HR market, a company that provides its employees with flexibility and access to commuter options is seen as a more attractive workplace. Similarly, property managers who offer Smart Commute programs are more attractive when it comes to recruiting and retaining tenants.
  • Increase employee retention: studies suggest that employees who are satisfied with their commute are 10% more likely to remain with an employer, which leads to savings for your company. Recruiting and training a new employee can cost between 50% and 150% of an annual salary.
  • Increase employee productivity: employees who use smart alternatives for their commute to work are more likely to arrive on time and be less stressed than those who drive alone.
    Reduce parking requirements: less demand for employee parking will free up spots for customers and visitors and can potentially lead to reduce your need for parking.
  • Public Profile: companies and property managers can strengthen greening programs, improve their visibility and be seen as champions of sustainability by implementing Smart Commute programs.
  • Better air quality: Smart Commute takes cars off the road, reduces smog causing emissions and helps reduce the emissions which contribute to climate change.
  • Less congestion: Fewer cars means less congestion – a significant concern in Toronto that causes billions of dollars in economic impact.

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