Rethink the way you travel

Rethink the way you travel

There is more than one way to get where you need to go. Rethink the way you commute and explore alternative ways of travelling. Based on the 4 Rs of travel planning, you can reduce, re-time, re-route and remode your trip.

Smart Commute has gathered some resources to help you rethink the way you travel.

Consider the four Rs of travel planning:

Reduce Icon  Retime Icon
  • Minimize the need to travel
  • Telework (work from home or another location)
  • Schedule conference calls in place of meetings that require travel
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  • Shift your work day to avoid peak travel
  • Use real-time travel apps to help plan
  • Work a compressed work week (more hours over fewer days)
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Remode icon Reroute icon
  • Instead of driving alone, form a carpool
  • Take public transit, where available
  • Walk or cycle for all or part of your journey
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  • Shift your route to a less busy one
  • Use online tools to find the best route and avoid road closures
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Tools & Resources

Smart Commute Resource Guides
Each fact sheet offers suggestions on exploring, promoting and implementing sustainable commuting programs at your worksite to reduce, re-time, re-mode and reroute commuting habits.

The Smart Commute tool
Find a carpool partner, plan and log trips, and participate in Smart Commute challenges

The official trip planner and one-stop transportation information resource for public transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

Real-time Information
For real-time information about road closures, public transit and traffic changes, continue to monitor existing Twitter accounts:
MTO: @OntMinTransport
Toronto Police: @TPSOperations
TTC: @TTCnotices
GO Transit: @GOtransit
Ontario 511: @511Ontario

Public Transit

Check with your local agency for an up-to-date schedule.