Members and Partners

BUILDING A PARTNERSHIP: Join Smart Commute today!

Join a growing list of forward thinking organizations that are proactively addressing issues such as gridlock, air quality and global warming in the Pearson Airport Area.

Contact us to become a Smart Commute workplace today.

Joining Smart Commute can have many benefits for your business.

Our customized programs help Employers to:

  • Recruit and retain employees
  • Create low-cost employee benefits
  • Reduce facilities budgets by containing or reducing employee parking demands
  • Strengthen corporate image

Our flexible services and tools help Employees to:

  • Save money associated with operating their personal vehicles – potentially hundreds of dollars per month
  • Reduce stress (from commuting) and improved social networks
  • Increase morale and personal productivity

Annual Fees:

As a non-profit organization, Smart Commute Pearson Airport Area relies on support from Sponsors, Members and Partners to supplement our municipal, regional and federal funding sources. All Smart Commute Pearson Airport Area fees are based on a cost recovery model. Funding from municipal, regional and provincial sources, currently pay the majority of operating and programming costs. As a result, workplaces benefit from highly subsidized fees.

For more information on services and fees, please contact Glenn Gumulka at