Red Mini Cooper ParkingCarpooling means sharing a ride with other people who work or live near you. Some carpools are set up with rotating drivers who share costs, or a single driver is selected and the passengers contribute to cover fuel and maintenance costs.

Carpoolers can take advantage of the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes on the 403 between the 407 and 401. Commuters who use HOV lanes report that they save 14 to 17 minutes per trip compared to their travel time before the HOV lanes opened.

How do I find a carpool partner?

Using the the Smart Commute Tool you can easily find a carpool partner and can carpool as often as you choose. Whether you wish to drive, ride or share – the Smart Commute Tool will help you find great carpool matches for all your trips. You can choose to carpool with other staff, or with commuters from other corporate offices in the area.

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  • A state of the art ride-matching software that enables registrants to find carpool partners based on a customized search criteria.
  • Cost and emissions calculator and tracking tools to monitor your company’s cost and GHG emissions savings.

How it Works: Smart Commute creates a “Network” group for your employees. Commuters create a profile on the Smart Commute Tool and then search for a carpool match. The tool uses precise technology that helps your employees to look for commuters as close to their work and home as possible.

Why does carpooling make sense?



Smart Commute is bringing you an easier way to get home in the event of an unplanned emergency!

Emergency Ride Home Program claim forms are now available online at Expenses, once approved by Smart Commute, will be reimbursed up to $75 per trip.

For more information on the Emergency Ride Home Program and how to submit a claim, please click here.



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The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario provides free carpool parking lots near dozens of highway interchanges throughout Ontario. Selected lots are also served by public transit. Click here for more information on carpool lots.