Our Approach

Promoting options – such as cycling, walking, carpooling, transit, and teleworking – and getting employees to make the switch to a better commute is what Smart Commute is all about. We partner with employers and property managers to deliver programs that meet your needs and improve your bottom line, using proven strategies to encourage commuters to change their travel behaviour for the better.

Workplace and commuter assessment

The first step in building your Smart Commute program is to understand the travel options available to your employees and what will motivate them to use these options. Undertaking a needs assessment will help you:

  • Identify what employees are most interested in.
  • Identify what facilities exist (or don’t exist) at or near your workplace (transit routes, HOV lanes, bike paths).
  • Identify where employees live.
  • Identify what would motivate them to change their commuting behaviour.

Workplace program development

The cumulative results of the workplace and commuter assessment will provide you with the detailed information you’ll need to create an effective commuter program tailored to your workplace. In this stage of the process, you’ll plot out your program by developing a workplace travel plan that outlines what you want to deliver and how you’re going to do it.


Achieve your workplace travel goals by implementing a customized suite of services and programs that align with the needs and priorities of your organization. Our key services and programs include:

  • Marketing and communications resources
  • Online resource hub
  • Ride-matching and trip-logging tool
  • Annual events and campaigns
  • Contests and prizing
  • Recognition and awards
  • Commute program expertise – custom projects
  • Emergency Ride Home

More information about our key services and programs.

Annual evaluation

Our annual impact review lets you track the impacts of your Smart Commute program, celebrate successes, and identify new opportunities.