Key Services and Programs

Traffic congestion in the GTHA negatively affects your business, your employees’ quality of life, and the environment. Let Smart Commute NTV design a program that saves your business and your employees time and money, and reduces your company’s environmental impact.

Marketing and communications resources

Successful workplace programs all have one thing in common: informed and engaged employees. At the same time, we know that you, our clients, are busy. That’s why we created the Smart Commute Resource Hub, an easy-to-use online portal where you can find all the information and materials you need to engage employees in an effective Smart Commute program.

  • Smart Commute Essentials: Your go-to manual for everything you need to know to run the Smart Commute program at your workplace.
  • Promotional materials for employees: Program information and customizable templates that you can share with existing and new employees.
  • Campaign resources: Posters, web content, email templates, and social media posts to engage your employees in campaigns throughout the year.
  • E-newsletters: A bimonthly newsletter filled with news and tips to inspire and encourage your employees to try new commuting options.

Additional services for Premium clients
We’ll provide you with customized communications to help you achieve maximum reach and uptake. At your request, we’ll also design an infographic that showcases your commuter survey results.

Employee engagement events and workshops

Bring skills, knowledge, and expertise to your workplace

Employee engagement events
Smart Commute NTV staff will come to your workplace to engage your employees in Carpool Week, Bike Month, Smart Commute Month, and more! These outreach events will help commuters learn more about their travel options and challenge them to rethink their commutes.

Sustainable transportation clinics and workshops
Smart Commute NTV will coordinate interactive and hands-on sessions that will help commuters learn important skills for a better, safer, and more enjoyable commute. Topics could include bicycle safety and maintenance, using public transportation, carpooling, or the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program. These workshops address a particular need in your organization and can easily be delivered in a “lunch and learn” format.

Emergency Ride Home

Remove a barrier to sustainable commuting for your employees!

Are your employees interested in walking, biking, taking transit, or carpooling, but worried about their ability to get home quickly in the event of an emergency? Through the Emergency Ride Home program, employees that commute sustainably can be reimbursed up to $75 to cover the cost of a taxi, car share, or transit in case of emergency.

Annual campaigns and contests

Learn, encourage, celebrate!

Join the hundreds of other Smart Commute workplaces across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area that take part in our annual campaigns and contests.

  • Carpool Week: Help employees save money and make new friends during Carpool Week in February.
  • Bike to Work Day and Bike Month: Hop on your bike with your coworkers during Bike to Work Day and Bike Month in May and June.
  • Smart Commute Month: Have fun exploring all your commuting options while supporting your fellow employees to do the same during Smart Commute Month in September.

How it works
All clients will receive marketing and promotional materials and prizes to support these campaigns.  Share these materials at your workplace to encourage employees to try new commuting modes, helping to build a corporate culture of smart commuting!

Commute program expertise

Take your program to the next level

Have a great idea to get your employees enthused about commuting sustainably? Use our expertise to implement a specialized project suited to your workplace commuting needs and designed to create measurable behaviour change.

Examples of how we can help you:

  • Promotion support for new transportation infrastructure such as workplace bike racks, carpool parking, or a new bus stop
  • Individualized marketing projects to provide one-on-one support to commuters
  • Support in implementing a vanpool program, including feasibility assessment, program development, and program launch support
  • Change management projects, including office relocation and construction mitigation support

Workplace and commuter assessments

Creating a program that works for you

We will provide you with the guidance and tools you’ll need to effectively assess your workplace’s current commuting situation, develop a plan, and monitor your progress.

  • Conduct a commuter survey to better understand your employees’ current commuting habits, reasons behind their choices, and their willingness to switch to a more sustainable form of transportation.
  • Perform a workplace site assessment to understand the available infrastructure, services, and programs at your workplace.
  • Using the results of the survey and site assessment, create a workplace travel plan, a customized action plan outlining your workplace travel goals and how you will achieve them.
  • Tap into our short annual survey during Smart Commute Week to track your progress.

Premium Service Clients
We’ll do the work for you: Smart Commute staff will help Premium Service clients to conduct the survey and site assessment and we’ll create a customized workplace travel plan and program.

Ride-matching and trip-logging tool

Finding a better commute just got easier

Your organization will have its own network on our online ride-matching tool, making it easy for commuters to find and share rides with colleagues, plan their routes, and track their trips. The tool also lets employees understand the impact of their commute choices, including costs, calories burned, and carbon emissions.

Through your private network, your employees will be able to find carpool partners within your organization and/or with the 10,000 carpoolers from around the GTHA that currently use the tool.

Employees can also participate in various Smart Commute campaigns by logging their trips through the tool, making them eligible for great prizes! You can also customize the tool to incentivize certain modes of commuting by adding rewards and challenges of your own.


Shuttles open up transit to areas with limited accessibility, allowing more of your staff to leave their vehicles at home.

Thinking about setting up a shuttle at your workplace?
Smart Commute NTV can guide you through the process of establishing a shuttle program. Our organization can conduct feasibility studies on the possibility of establishing a shuttle service and examine issues such as liability, fuel efficiency, routing information, cost, and case studies. Smart Commute NTV can also provide implementation guidelines and ongoing consulting on shuttle programs.