Why join Smart Commute?

Our results-driven programs can help you realize a significant return on investment and position yourself as an employer of choice.

Our programs can help you:

Improve employee retention, recruitment and job satisfaction

A long, tough commute can make it more difficult to recruit and/or retain qualified employees. Providing employees with flexibility and a variety of commute options makes your workplace more attractive and demonstrates commitment to employee well-being.

Reduce employee parking demand

Less demand for employee parking will free up spots for customers and visitors, and can potentially reduce your need for parking.

Improve staff productivity

Employees who take transit, cycle, walk, or carpool to work are more likely to arrive on time and be less stressed than those who drive alone.

Reduce employee absenteeism

Commuting stress plays a direct role in a person’s emotional and physical health.

Demonstrate corporate social responsibility and reduce environmental impact

Reducing emissions related to staff travel helps your organization to reduce its overall carbon footprint, improve air quality and be seen as a champion of sustainability.

Support green building credits

Our programs can help you meet the compliance requirements for LEED certification, lower your facility costs and reduce your environmental footprint. Property managers who offer Smart Commute programs are more attractive when it comes to recruiting and retaining tenants.

Reduce traffic congestion

Reducing the number of vehicles provides much-needed space on our roads and supports a more vibrant, livable region.