The Most Unlikely Cyclist Finished a Triathlon… And Didn’t Die!

Ruthanne Tri athalon

One hour, eight minutes, nine and eight-tenths seconds.  That is how long it took this unlikely cyclist to swim 400m in the 17-degree waters of Lake Ontario just off Hanlan’s Point (I am the one in all blue swim gear, sort of near the centre of the picture above), bicycle 10km along and back the lovely Toronto Island, and run a short 2.5km loop out near the Hanlan’s Point ferry terminal.

I did not drown.  I did not fall off my bicycle or hit anyone or get hit by anyone.  And while my run wasn’t all that great, I did not collapse in a heap of wailing and gnashing teeth.  I found a new friend who also seemed to be struggling a bit, and we ran the rest of it together, and we finished!!

It’s not all fun and games and racing, though!  Now that I am back and getting into the swing of things, I am still making sure that I get my bike commutes in at least twice a week (three if I can).  With a new school year comes a new bus schedule, which means the timing of everything in the morning will be different than it was for the last three years. My night shift also moved nights to accommodate my son’s extracurricular activity schedule (did you know that it is entirely appropriate for an eight-year-old to go to competitive dancing for five hours every week?!).

And the commute remains exciting – there are so many changes along Bathurst (construction between Rutherford and Highway 7? no problem!); traffic seems really light (can’t wait to see what happens when school is back in session!); the weather has been great (I am sure there will be rain eventually – I should get tire guards!).

So, with each passing week, my cycling adventure becomes less and less unlikely, and more and more just part of my everyday life.  I have plans to do at least two more triathlons next summer (Bracebridge and Toronto Island).  And all of this is possible because of the City of Vaughan and Smart Commute!  Thanks!