An easy alternative to driving is walking. Not only is it beneficial for your health and your wallet, it also means avoiding the headache of traffic congestion and having to find parking.


  • Helps to relieve stress and increases energy.
  • Avoid the financial costs of gas, vehicle maintenance, and parking.
  • Get part of your recommended half hour of daily moderate to vigorous activity.
  • Improves your cardiovascular health, and decreases your chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke.
  • Improves air quality by avoiding the release of carbon dioxide and pollutants caused by driving.

Tips for Walkers

  • If walking all the way to work is not feasible, try walking to and from public transit. The City of Toronto has a sidewalk inventory which provides information on the location of sidewalks along transportation corridors within the city.
  • Check your route- Google Maps provides you with the most efficient route to travel, even when walking. It also provides you with the approximate time and distance it takes for you to get to your workplace.
  • Monitor your progress- The Smart Commute tool allows you to calculate the amount of calories burned when inputting your trip route.
  • Earn rewards- You can earn rewards points for making healthy lifestyle choices! Carrot Rewards allows you to earn rewards from your favourite programs with each step you take.

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