Vanpools provide a cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to Single Occupant Vehicle (SOV) trips and can be an important service for employers whose employees are located in low density areas not supported by transit. They can also be used by any larger group of employees who have a common destination and commute time.

Vanpooling differs from carpooling in that the vehicle, used specifically for the purpose of shared commuting, is owned or leased by an employer for the benefit of their employees who drive and ride in the van. Riders pay on a monthly basis for their share of the lease, maintenance, fuel costs, parking and road tolls, and share the driving between them. A single vanpool can take up to eight SOVs off the road and out of the parking lot.

Vanpoolers report improved work/life balance, better productivity and a much less stressful commute.

We currently operate a vanpool project with Alectra Utilities (formerly PowerStream) and supported Enbridge Gas Distribution’s vanpools when they were operational.

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