Electric Vehicles

Electric-powered vehicles are becoming more prevalent as companies continue to improve their technology, making it a much more viable commuting option.

A number of our partner workplaces already provide electric fleet vehicles. As we strive to help them improve the employee commute and reduce emissions, electric vehicles are sure to make up an increasingly large part of the solution.

EV Efficiency and Emissions

Currently, 74% to 94% of the energy generated by electric vehicles is used to move them. A gasoline powered vehicle, in comparison, only ranges from 14% to 30%.

Such efficiency means that even an electric vehicle (EV) plugged into a grid powered by coal, will still produce less GHGs than a similar gas-powered car.

EV Prices and Financial Benefits

EVs may (currently) cost a little more up front than conventional cars, but savings add up quickly. An electric vehicle can cut your fuel costs by 60 to 70 per cent and cut maintenance costs by a third.

The Government of Ontario is also offering to reduce costs with its Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (EVIP) for those who purchase an electric vehicle.

Plug’n Drive EV Workshops

We work with Plug’n Drive to deliver informative and engaging EV workshops to employees.

The goals of this program are:

  • To demonstrate that electric vehicles are already a realistic commute option;
  • To educate workplaces about EV expense, range, and charging station availability;
  • To allow employees to hands-on interaction with an EV;
  • To increase awareness of publicly available charging stations in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA)
  • To facilitate conversations at workplaces among employees and management regarding opportunities for future electric vehicle network support (such as supplying charging stations or purchasing electric fleet vehicles).