Commuter Hall of Fame #15 – Melissa


Melissa takes the TTC from downtown Toronto to her workplace in Vaughan because it allows her time to read or listen to podcasts along with being a more affordable option.

If you switched from a different mode, why did you switch and how is this new commute better for you?

I did not switch to a different mode. At times, I carpool with a colleague, which is a nice option for rainy or cold days, but I prefer taking the TTC.

What is your favourite part of your commute?

My favourite part of my commute is having the time to read on the subway. I always get a seat and I enjoy the time to read a chapter of whatever book I am reading. I have been able to do a lot more reading just for fun.

What advice would you give to others looking to do the same?

For others considering taking the TTC, I would recommend that they choose travel times that are less busy to avoid being crammed and uncomfortable on the bus or subway. I would recommend that they select some podcasts they enjoy or to bring a book to help make the most of the time on public transportation. I would also add that while taking the TTC may make your commute longer, it allows for a more passive commute in which you can do activities such as reading.

Anything else you want to say about your commute?

I have recently joined the Bike Share Toronto program to allow myself the option to cycle home after taking the subway. My least favourite part of my commute is the often busy and crammed bus ride from the subway station to my home. I like having the option to cycle this portion instead.

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