Commuter Hall of Fame #12 – Jared

Jared started cycling as a way to rehabilitate after an injury. Although he was afraid of cycling in Toronto at first, he knew it was the fastest, healthiest and most effective way of travelling.

If you switched from a different mode, why did you switch and how is this new commute better for you?

I switched to cycling from driving, which was scary at first but far more efficient and healthier than driving. Cycling took far less time than driving because of traffic, and it was far easier and cheaper. Once I discovered that I could cycle safely in the city, there was no going back!

What is your favourite part of your commute?

My favourite part of my commute is the experience of cycling versus driving – the exercise is one thing, but you also are more aware of your surroundings as a cyclist and can appreciate the journey. I arrive to and from work more refreshed and balanced.

What advice would you give to others looking to do the same?

I would suggest taking your time to try a few recreational trails first. Become familiar with the mechanics of cycling in the city before doing your first commute, and practice the commute on a weekend when there’s less traffic. Always remember that if you become afraid while cycling, that you can simply stop and pull over almost anywhere until your comfortable.

Anything else you want to say about your commute?

Changing my commute from driving to cycling has made me aware of how unsustainable single-occupant vehicle use is. I now look at vehicle commuting as a luxury. It may be more comfortable in a car, but it also takes far longer and is much more stressful.

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