Commuter Hall of Fame #8 – Melissa, York University’s Top Cyclist commuter

commuter hall of fame_melissa

Melissa was named York University’s Top Cyclist for 2016. Here she tell us how she got on with the summer cycling pledge she made this Bike to Work Day.

During Bike to Work Day you pledged to ‘Bike to school every day, May – September 2016”, how is it going so far?

So far so good! I even rented a bike in June while I was conducting my research at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland to commute between the lab and the apartment.

What do you enjoy most about cycling to York University?

I really appreciate the time I get to spend outside enjoying the sunshine, the wildlife, and getting exercise.

What route do you take to campus? Do you have any tips for others trying to get to the same location?

I use the bike path that runs alongside the York University Busway as much as possible. There are several streets that intersect this bike path so it’s fairly easy to incorporate it into your ride to York no matter where you’re coming from.

What advice would you give to others looking to cycle more?

Having a bike you enjoy riding is a good start, whether that means giving your old bike some TLC, or opting for an upgrade. I also find that using an app to track my stats like mileage, elevation gain and ride time gives me a standard to use for a competitive element and to improve my performance.

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