Commuter Hall of Fame #10 – Alyson, York University’s Top Cyclist commuter

commuter-hall-of-fame_alysonAlyson was named one of York University’s Top Cyclists for 2016. Here she tell us how she got on with the summer cycling pledge she made this Bike to Work Day.

During Bike to Work Day you pledged to ‘ride 100km’, how is it going so far?

The longest I did this summer was 70km but still a goal for next year!! Might take on the Ride to Conquer Cancer or a similar ride.

What do you enjoy most about incorporating cycling into your commute to York University?

I love zooming past cars that are stuck in traffic.  I love the ideas that come to mind while I am cycling – I sometimes have to pull over to jot down the great ideas that I come up with!  I love that I can plan exactly how long my commute will take rather than wondering if it will be 12 minutes (no traffic) or up to 1 hour if heavy traffic.  I love meeting other cyclists on the road. I love that when people come to my office they see my bike and might even feel inspired to try a bike-commute themselves ;).

What route do you take to campus? Do you have any tips for others trying to get to the same location?

I come down Dufferin from Hwy 7 until Steeles.  It’s great because there is a bike lane. Then I ride on the sidewalk from Steeles till I get to York, which is fine in the morning as there are not too many pedestrians.  It’s sometimes slower on the way back. If anyone lives in the Thornhill Woods community, I’d be happy to take them along for a ride and show them my route!

What advice would you give to others looking to cycle more?

Get a basket or saddle bag so that you don’t have to wear a backpack.  Work for an institution like York U that values sustainable commuting and has convenient showers.  I have worked in 3 different divisions at York U and 2 of the 3 have showers in the actual building!

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