About Us

Smart Commute – North Toronto, Vaughan (NTV) is an award-winning, non-profit Transportation Management Association (TMA) committed to reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality and taking action on climate change. Smart Commute NTV encourages individuals to ‘Travel Smarter. Cleaner. Better.’ by considering alternatives to single occupancy vehicle commuting such as cycling, transit, carpooling, walking, and telecommuting.

Established in 2001 as the first Transportation Management Association (TMA) in Ontario, Smart Commute – North Toronto, Vaughan now operates two TMA projects: Smart Commute NTV and Smart Commute Northeast Toronto (NET).

Our partners include employers and property managers spanning health care, manufacturing, education, and business services, representing approximately 127,000 employees, students, and volunteers.

Smart Commute is a program of Metrolinx and the municipalities of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. The Smart Commute network has helped build transit ridership, support active transportation, incent vanpooling and encourage carpooling through the installation of carpool parking spots. The new Smart Commute tool. supports a diversity of sustainable transportation modes, from finding a carpool buddy to a bike route!

Metrolinx is an agency of the Government of Ontario. For more information, visit metrolinx.com.

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