Transit can be an affordable and convenient way to get to work or school. It allows you to sit back and relax whilst someone else takes care of the driving.

Finding the best route

  • Triplinx – enter your starting location and where you want to go, and Triplinx will tell you how to get there. You can customize your trip plan using the options such as maximum walking distance or mode of transportation. You can also find transit schedule, fare and service information.
  • Google Maps – another great resource for finding the best route. Enter your start and end location, choose transit, and select your departure or arrival time to see your options. You can also find fare and service information.

Local transit maps and schedules


Monthly or weekly passes are a convenient and economical way to travel if you take transit on a regular basis. Find out more about:

PRESTO – replaces the need for tickets, tokens, passes or cash. It can be used across 11 transit systems in the GTA. Find out the latest information on the roll out of PRESTO on the TTC.

Get a PRESTO card

GTA Weekly Pass – provides unlimited travel within the GTA on the following transit systems: TTC, YRT, MiWay, Brampton. A great solution for those who travel on multiple transit systems on regular basis.

Claiming Tax credits for transit

If you take transit, you can claim the cost of certain transit passes to reduce the taxes you owe. Visit the Canada Revenue Agency website for full details.

The following passes are eligible:

Toronto Transit Commission – Metropass, Weekly Pass and GTA Weekly Pass.

Commuters who use VIP passes will receive a yearly statement from their employer showing how much they paid for passes. Those registered for the MDP program will receive a statement from the TTC.

Visit the TTC website for full details.

York Region Transit – Monthly and Weekly pass.

Visit the YRT website for full details.

GO – registered PRESTO users can claim for passes or the cost of eligible transit trips (see below).

PRESTO – registered users can claim the cost of any 32 or more one-way trips taken on a single transit service during an uninterrupted period of 31 days of less. You can also claim monthly or weekly transit passes. Your Transit Usage Report is available to download from your PRESTO account each year.

Visit the PRESTO website for full details.

Benefits of taking transit

Increase productivity – check your emails, read a book or listen a podcast.

Save time – taking public transit can save you time, especially if you take the subway or a bus that uses a dedicated bus lane. Connect directly to your destination without getting stuck in traffic, and when you get there you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space.

Save money- Taking public transit will save you money by reducing costs for gas, parking, and vehicle maintenance.

Improve air quality/ take action on climate change- Transportation is a major source for emissions that contribute to air pollution and climate change.

Visit the City of Toronto website for more information on climate change and its effects.