Benefits of Cycling

Health – benefit from extra exercise, after cycling for a few weeks you’ll start to feel energized and less stressed
Better focus – arriving at work by bike means your body is full of energy and your brain is ready to get started
It’s fun – our Commuter Attitudes survey showed that cyclists reported the highest satisfaction out of all commuters
Save money – trips taken by bike save you the cost of transit, gas and parking
Speed – if you live within 10km of your destination, cycling is often faster than other modes
Environment – reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution by taking a vehicle off the road

Finding the best route

These cycling maps are great resources for planning your route to work, school, shopping or simply exploring your area:

You can also create a map to your destination at Ride the City Toronto or get cycling directions on Google Maps and the Smart Commute tool.

Riding to work for the first time? Do a test ride on the weekend or consider finding a bike buddy on the Smart Commute tool.

Cycle Safety and tips

Before you get started make sure you know the rules of the road and how to stay safe. Downloading the handbooks below is a great place to start.

CAN-BIKE Cycle training

Find a bike buddy

If you’re new to cycling it’s worth finding a regular cyclist to show you the ropes. Cycling to work can be daunting at first and having the support of an experienced rider will help make the first few journeys much easier.

The Smart Commute tool can help you find a bike buddy with the new bikepool feature. Here’s how:

  1. Login or register, be sure to join your workplace network
  2. Enter your start (A) and end (B) destination and click Let’s Go
  3. Use the bike results to explore routes and bikepool options
  4. Get in touch with your matches
  5. Share your A to B or start a bikepool so others can find you

If you can’t find one in your area try reaching out to your workplace Smart Commute champion or Bicycle User Group.

Bikes and transit

Combining cycling and transit is a great way to travel further distances. Bikes can be taken on all buses at any time of the day. Watch how to properly load and unload your bike.

Nearly all subway and GO stations have bicycle parking onsite or nearby. Bikes can be taken on the subway and GO trains during off peak hours.

TTC bike repair stops

Self-service bicycle repair stations are available at many stations across the subway system. Repair equipment is free to use and includes wrenches, Allen keys, screwdrivers, a bicycle pump and a wheel chock.

Find out which subway stations have repair stops


Riding Bike Share Toronto to a transit stop is a great way to incorporate the benefits of cycling into your commute without having to own a bike. They have 2000 bikes across Toronto, so if you live downtown there’s likely one close by.

Save 40% on annual membership with your PRESTO card.

Need some inspiration?

Check out these stories from fellow cycle commuters:

Additional Resources

Registering your bike

Safeguard your bike by registering it with your local police:

Bike Parking in Toronto

Winter Cycling Tips