About Us

Smart Commute Northeast Toronto is delivered by pointA, a non-profit Transportation Management Association (TMA) that envisions sustainable transportation for everyone.

We work with employers in North Toronto and Vaughan to understand their commuter’s needs and provide businesses with valuable resources to promote alternatives to single occupancy vehicle commuting such as cycling, transit, carpooling, walking and telecommuting. The goal of Smart Commute is to reduce traffic congestion and to take action on climate change while significantly reducing a company’s overall carbon footprint.

Our partners include employers and property managers spanning healthcare, manufacturing, education, and business services, representing approximately 127,000 employees, students and volunteers.

Smart Commute is a program of Metrolinx and the municipalities of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. The Smart Commute network has helped build transit ridership, support active transportation, incent vanpooling and encourage carpooling through the installation of carpool parking spots.

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