Employer Profile

Telus is a telecommunications company with 30,000 employees.

Telework Program and Objectives

Telus ran a ten month telework pilot which deploying 170 employees.


According to Mark Lang, architect of their telework “Workstyles” program: “13,865 hours of commute time were saved; $125,000 was saved on fuel and car maintenance; 114 tons of greenhouse gas emissions were reduced; air pollutants were reduced by four tons and 82 percent of the participants said the program had a very positive impact on their desire to stay working for TELUS.”

As the telework program has continued Telus has found increased productivity by an average of 20% and a reduction of office costs. Their telework policy currently divides the decision to telework between the employee and the manager: 49% is the employee’s decision and 51% is the manager’s decision. This division encourages a discussion between manager and employee.

Telus currently has 1,200 employees teleworking and the goal is to have at least half of its workforce teleworking at least some of the time.

Telus has also run a pilot for their customer service representatives call centre. Employees of the Telus Home Agents Consumer call center could work from home with secure internet and a dedicated phone line. The pilot began with 30 people and its success has allowed the expansion to 300 people. By the year-end of 2007, 1200 ‘home agents’ were expected. Selection for the program is based on performance.