City of Calgary

Employer Profile

The City of Calgary has 13,000 employees. The City received the Association for Commuter Transportation of Canada (ACT Canada) Leadership in Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Award 2007.

Telework Program and Objective

The City of Calgary’s telework pilot project began with 100 city employees from ten departments. The pilot ran for four months with an average teleworker away from the office two days per week.


The City of Calgary telework survey results in October 2007 showed 95% of teleworkers found an improved work-life balance; 90% of managers found productivity was maintained or improved; and over 3500 commuter trips were reduced. Lower stress levels were also documented among co-workers.

“With 3,656 fewer commuting trips over the four-month period, the employees saved more than 80,000 kilometres in vehicle travel, roughly 18,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide and about 7,000 litres of fuel.”

Plans for the future: “The city is preparing a report for city council to ask for the program to be expanded citywide. It would, however, require some funding because there may be a requirement to install secure computer lines and other equipment in the employees’ homes.”