The best way to commute!

Cheuk | Wal-Mart Canada
I never really thought about carpooling until one day when I noticed my monthly gas bill exceeded my monthly car payments. I first joined my carpool when I noticed this website advertised on my company's newsletter. From that point, it took me less than a day to organize a carpool event with 2 other committed individuals who lived near me, and were travelling the same direction I was headed. Within a day we quickly got together and started carpooling, and it has been a blast every step of the way! It's really interesting how 3 random strangers can become the best of friends just by carpooling! Every morning/evening there would always be a topic that we would all debate about (which makes the ride a lot quicker and more interesting) - this definitely beats driving alone! We also took the initiative to plan out a year ahead with regards to who's driving which week to avoid any confusions and/or conflicts! What's the best part of my carpool, you ask? It's the fact that I save up to 2+ weeks’ worth of gas every month! Did I mention I lived 50 kms ONE WAY away from my work?? Thanks Smart Commute!! You saved my bank account!!