SCM an invaluable business partner

Jennifer | Bank of Montreal
SCM has proven to be an invaluable business partner in helping us plan and implement the relocation of over 1,400 of our Customer Contact Centre employees to Mississauga. From the outset, they demonstrated a genuine desire to gain a true understanding of both the needs of our business, and those of our employees, and share with us their deep insights about commuting options for our employees. Their well-designed approach to researching and analysing the commuting needs of our employees provided us with valuable insights as we worked collaboratively to build our action plan. Throughout the process, the entire Smart Commute Mississauga team has also played a pivotal role in helping us raise employee awareness of the variety of Smart Commute services available including the Carpool Zone and Emergency Ride Home program. We're proud of the partnership we have with Smart Commute Mississauga and truly appreciative of the great work the organization does.