Enjoy the view while you carpool

Farida | MRC
Yes, carpooling really is the way to go, no matter what the commute distance is. I am sure there are many people in the company who are living within 5 minutes drive from each others. If they carpool (even in pairs) and choose to pick each other up from home rather than meeting somewhere, it becomes much more convenient and profitable. For example, we are carpooling from St. Catharines, which is about 80 km west of the Office each way. By carpooling, not only are we saving 160 km of pollution entering into the atmosphere per day but we are also saving money on gas, saving cost on maintaining our cars, reducing stress by alternating drivers, enjoying the view as passengers, able to leave your car at home, reducing the risk of accidents, reducing traffic tickets and we are helping to reduce traffic on the road!