Carpooling is a win-win solution to air pollution!

Mary | Hatch
Though our company is based in Mississauga, I was able to take advantage of Smart Commute’s carpooling opportunities. I live in Toronto but work in Oakville. Public Transit in this opposite direction and has always been difficult to take, to say the least. On average, a one-way trip (approx. 44 km) takes roughly 1.5 to 2 hours due to timing of connections. This adds 3 plus hours to my day and approx. $300 in additional costs per month when not carpooling. Through carpooling, not only do I get to have a full hour of extra sleep a night, my travel time is reduced to approx. 30 minutes one way. We are also helping to save the environment. My out of pocket expenses are also reduced dramatically. This is truly a win-win situation all around.