Our Services

Flexible services and tools that support transportation choices

Your company is as unique as the individuals who work there. We supply innovative transportation services, tools and promotions to engage your employees in activities that yield measurable results towards reducing your company’s transportation footprint.

Smart Commute actively works with our business partners to develop customized sustainable transportation programs and promotions for their employees. We offer a variety of services and tools that make sustainable transportation alternatives viable for commuters which include:

    • Conducting an employee commuter survey to understand current commuting patterns and determine your employees desire for sustainable transportation choices
    • Developing a commuter action plan to support commuter demand for sustainable transportation
    • Organizing a launch event at your facility to kick off our Smart Commute program
    • Provide lunch-and-learn sessions and seminars for employees to raise awareness of alternative modes of transportation.
    • Maintaining employee interest with ongoing promotions to encourage sustainable transportation choices
    • Advocating for improved transit services for your employee

 Employee Commuter Survey

Smart Commute will conduct a confidential employee transportation survey. The survey provides a baseline measure of current commuter traffic patterns and modes of transportation used. The survey also identifies the demand for sustainable transportation options.

The survey results will be summarized in a report that will identify strategies for reducing single occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips. The survey also provides actionable data that can be used to establish meaningful commuting goals for your organization.

Customized Employee Commuting Plan

Smart Commute will assist and advise your staff in the development of a customized employee commuting action plan. We will work closely with your staff to translate the data gathered from the commuter survey into meaningful and measurable commuting strategies.

Launch Event

Smart Commute will organize a launch event at your facility to kick off your Smart Commute program. We will be onsite for a full day to educate and enroll employees on the Smart Commute Tool and to discuss your commuting strategies. Smart Commute will also provide marketing and promotional materials for the event.

Promotional Events

Carpool Week – Carpool week encourages employees to register an account or log into their Smart Commute Tool Network for a chance to win great prizes!

Bike Month – Bike Month is an annual Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) wide event that kicks off the cycling season and promotes cycling to work as a viable and environmentally-friendly commute option in the month of June.

Smart Commute Month – The goal of Smart Commute Month is to increase awareness of sustainable transportation options including walking, cycling, carpooling, and taking public transit to and from work.