Smart Commute Workshops

Provide valuable informational workshops for your employees with the Smart Commute Workshops Series

The following sustainable transportation workshops are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. All workshops are one hour long and take place at a designated workplace with a minimum participation requirement of 15 employees.

Please note: Only one workshop is available per workplace. All workshops are available on a limited basis.

  • Eco Driver 1 Workshop: This EcoDriver workshop session explores smart driving techniques that help maximize ‘return’ on a tank of gas. Learn smart, simple eco-driving methods that will help reduce individual financial costs while conserving our environment. Join us and find out how you can smart commute and make a difference!
  • EcoDriver Workshop II: This interactive session emphasizes ways to reduce fuel consumption and individual carbon footprint by discussing alternative ways to driving. The session highlights sustainable and active modes of transportation such as carpooling, walking, cycling, and public transit that are healthy for us and the planet!
  • Bike Commuting Basics Workshop: In this workshop, you will learn what cycling gear and equipment is essential to make commuting to work efficient and fun. Learn about cycling nutrition, mechanics of your bike and begin creating a commuting routine that works for your schedule. Workshop participants can also receive a FREE bike safety inspection and a minor tune-up!
  • Defensive Cycling Skills Workshop: Do you feel safe when cycling on busy roads? Learn the rules of the road, how to avoid dangerous situations and if you are in one, how to get out safely.
  • Bike Safety Check: Workshop participants will receive a FREE bike safety inspection and a minor tune-up!
  • Learn to Ride a Segway Workshop: Learn how to glide on a Segway – the world‘s first self-balancing, electric-powered transportation device! This workshop will cover basic operation, safety features, Segway etiquette, as well as the history and future of the machine. Best of all, the trainer will offer Segway test glides to as many participants as time permits. Workshop participants will be required to sign a waiver.
  • Zumaround E-scooterbike Workshop: Test-drive a ZUMAROUND E-scooterbike and learn about its hybrid nature, practicality, ease of use, and maneuverability. Workshop participants will also learn about other features such as care and maintenance, and its simplicity by combining commuting with physical exercise. The instructor will watch for mistakes and correct when required. Workshop duration is 45 minutes and Includes an instructor with 4 ZUMAROUNDs. Helmets will be provided. Workshop participants will be required to sign a waiver.
  • Biking in the City Workshop: Haven’t been on a bicycle since you were 9? Hoping to brush up on your skills? Join us for Cycle Toronto’s (formerly the Toronto Cyclists Union) interactive Biking in the City Workshop. They’ll cover the many reasons to ride, address the obstacles to riding, review safe riding techniques, rules of the road, route selection and give you all the knowledge you need to get out there!
  • Winter Cycling Workshop: This workshop will provide your employees with valuable information on clothing, bike maintenance, and techniques for safe street riding in the winter months. Content may also include the benefits of commuting by bicycle, provincial and local laws that govern cyclists & motorists, route selection, and more.
  • City Centre Ramble Guided Ride Workshop: Learn how to safely navigate to popular destinations in the City Centre while learning the proper techniques for riding amongst cars and through intersections. This workshop will also review best practices for locking your bicycle. Workshop participants will be required to wear a helmet.
  • Riverwood Roll Guided Ride Workshop: Join our cycling expert for a guided ride to Riverwood Park where participants will have the option to explore trails and find the safest route to this little oasis in the city. Participants will also learn how to spot hazards on the roads and trails, deal with pedestrian traffic and properly lock their bikes. Workshop participants will be required to wear a helmet.
  • Trail Blazing Guided Ride Workshop: Our cycling expert will work directly with you to create a ride that best suits your needs. Perhaps you want to show employees the best roads for commuting, or the safest way to neighbouring destinations or just gather people for a social outing? The workshop instructor will develop a customized ride while incorporating riding techniques, defensive cycling strategies and even some fun bike games! Workshop participants will be required to wear a helmet.

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