Why You Should Smart Commute

1. Lower Your Stress
Being stuck in traffic and being late for work can stress you out before you even start your work day! It’s not easy to stay calm when you can’t control the weather or road conditions. Instead of feeling stuck behind the wheel you can Smart Commute and improve your health.

2. Save Your Money
According to the Canadian Automobile Association, a commuter who drives a late-model car and travels 25 km to work will spend about $8,150 a year in ownership and operating costs. Smart Commute options could save you a chunk of this money. Imagine what some extra cash could mean to you and your family!

3. Find More Time
When you drive to and from work you’re losing time. Even driving 30 minutes each way adds up to 6 work weeks a year! Think of what people relaxing on a public transit bus and train are doing while you drive … making out a grocery list, reading a newspaper, having a power nap or simply getting home sooner!

4. Breathe Easier
Fewer vehicles on the road means less air pollution. Bad air quality, especially in the hot summer months, is dangerous for children, the elderly and asthmatics. Consider how much easier you’ll breathe when you exercise your lungs walking or biking to work.