Why Smart Commute

Why Smart Commute?

Cars moving fast on the highwayWe all want an easier commute to work and home with less stress and traffic congestion. We also want a better environment with less traffic noise and cleaner air to breathe. And we can have this if we commute the smart way.

Smart Commute Markham, Richmond Hill is a transportation management association (TMA) managed by the Markham and Richmond Hill Boards of Trade, and funded by York Region and the cities of Markham and Richmond Hill. The association promotes and facilitates “smart” commuting methods.

What We Mean by “Smart Commute”

There are lots of choices so try a few and see which one suits you best.

Smart commuting can include walking to and from work … with your doctor’s ok, of course … running, rollerblading and biking. Less strenuous examples include taking public transit, carpooling, working flexible hours or compressed work weeks, teleworking, or working from home … even electric bicycling is now permitted on roads, etc. where traditional bicycles are already authorized … if helmets are worn (fines for not wearing a helmet are substantial for electric bike riders).

You may even want to combine a few commute options such as cycling to work in the summer and taking public transit in the winter or carpooling to work and then using public transit for the commute home. However you decide to smart commute we’re certain you’ll like it better than fighting traffic twice a day!

Smart Commute – the “Way of the Future”

Being a smart commuter can give you a better work-life balance plus leave a little more of your pay cheque in your pocket …

Quite simply, it’s what people like you are doing to combat the stress, fatigue, cost and hassle of driving to work every day. When you smart commute you think about what is best for you – and for the environment. Then, you make a change. Traffic congestion is reduced and everyone benefits … including our future commuters. It’s up to you to make it happen!