Winter Commute Week

Take part in Winter Commute Week from February 24 to 29:

  1. Test your winter commute knowledge by taking our quiz from February 18 to 29 for a chance to WIN a $50 Amazon gift card.
  2. Pledge to take a sustainable mode of commuting during Winter Commute Week, such as carpooling, public transit, cycling, walking or teleworking.
  3. Share photos or videos of your commute on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Remember to tag @smartcommutemrh or post on our Facebook page to win a $10 e-gift card of your choice!

Need some inspiration to leave the car at home?

Carpool – Consider carpooling during poor road conditions and visibility, as fewer cars on major routes means snow plows and emergency vehicles can pass traffic quicker and with greater ease. Visit to find a carpool match.

Take Transit – Waiting for public transit can be comfortable and pleasant during the winter, as riders can read or use smartphones without risking frostbite on their fingers in vivastations’ heated enclosures! Read more about Viva’s heating technology here.

Walk or Cycle – Winter walking or cycling burns more calories than in the summer, due to more energy used when travelling against the wind and through the snow. You can see if your sidewalk has been cleared by checking Markham’s Winter Maintenance App or Richmond Hill’s RHPlows.

Telework – Sometimes the best commute is no commute! Ask your employer if there is a telework program in place that will allow you to complete your work from the safety and comfort of your home.