Tips for Employers

Public transit can benefit employers by:

  • providing a way for employees to arrive at work more relaxed, freeing up parking spaces for your customers, and
  • reducing traffic congestion, which will help move your product and supplies faster. There’s a lot you can do to encourage employees to take public transit.

Here are some tips:

  • Provide public transit information to your employees, such as route maps and schedule timetables, by displaying it in the lobby or lunch room.
  • Ask for public transit that works for your employees if it’s not currently available at your location or the scheduled service times are not suitable for your work shifts. You can also contact us, and we can help you work with the transit provider.
  • Ensure a direct and safe route to the transit stop for employees by having sidewalks in good repair, adequate lighting and no obstructive bushes or trees.
  • Ask the transit provider for a transit stop near your workplace if there isn’t one within 500 metres already.
  • Ask the transit provider for a shelter, if the transit stop at your location does not have one already. Adding a shelter can be costly so perhaps the cost could be shared with another nearby employer whose employees also use this transit stop.
  • Inform your employees about commuter parking lots should they wish to leave their car and continue their trip via transit.
  • Consider providing a private shuttle service between your workplace and the most convenient transit stop or station.
  • Make it easy to buy transit fares by offering transit fares through payroll deduction or inviting transit providers to sell their fare products (ticket, pass) onsite. Your local transit providers can set this up for you and may even offer transit pass discounts.
  • Offer your employees a transit fare subsidy. It may be cheaper than you think when you consider what you currently pay for parking lot maintenance.