Commuting by Transit

York Region’s public transit system can connect you to wherever you want to go! It’s a smart alternative to driving as it lets you read, relax, and let’s someone else do the driving. Discounted monthly passes and tickets make public transit a practical financial choice. York Region Transit (YRT)/Viva and GO Transit are the two services available. YRT/Viva operates over 80 bus routes across the nine municipalities in York Region. By paying a single fare, you can hop on and off YRT/Viva for up to two hours in any direction. And for just 50 cents, you can take YRT/Viva services to GO Train stations.

Viva is York Region’s rapid transit system and since its launch in September 2005, Phase 1 of this project has been a success. Viva Phase 2 will truly put the “rapid” into rapid transit with brand new centre-of-the-road lanes dedicated to public transit being built on Yonge Street and Highway 7. This will allow Viva vehicles to cut through busy, congested traffic in their own “rapidways”, getting riders to their destinations significantly faster.  The Highway 7 section of this project is almost complete! For more information, contact YRT/Viva ( or 1-866-668-3978) or GO Transit ( or 1-888-438-6646).

Did you know YRT/Viva has a real time transit map that tracks all of their buses?

What features are available on the interactive map?

  • View real-time vehicle locations
  • View arrival times for a bus stop
  • Plan a trip
  • Find a YRT/Viva fare media agent

YRT/Viva offers local and rapid transit services in all nine York Region municipalities.  More than 120 routes keep residents connected within York Region, as well as connecting services in the City of Toronto and the Region of Peel.  They have two-hour transfers that let you ride on any YRT/Viva vehicle for up to 2 hours in any direction! See how far you can get on just a single cash (or PRESTO) fare!

Check it out!