What’s the best way to reduce gridlock, clean the air and decrease stress levels? Eliminate your commute altogether.

Telework is a shared benefit to both the employer and the employee. Employers save money on parking facilities, office space, equipment and training. Employees are more efficient and save money thanks to a reduction in commute time, and they obtain a better life-work balance.

Telework is a growing trend within many corporations. Employees are able to work from home by connecting to their employer’s computer system. The employee’s work files and e-mail are usually available ensuring that they are never out of the corporate loop. Meetings are also conducted remotely through conference calls and web conferencing.

Compressed Work Week

Who says 5 won’t go into 4?

Okay, so it will, but not evenly. Our point: depending on the nature of your work, it may be possible for you to work 4 days instead of 5.

This Smart Commute option really packs a punch. It not only takes a car off the road one day per week, but it means the commuter is less likely to travel at peak periods on the days that they do drive.

How could it work for you?

A compressed work week is an easy and efficient way to smart commute. By working 35 hours in just 4 days, you can shorten your work week by one day and possibly lengthen your weekend. If you think this could be an option for you, find out if your company smart commutes this way!

Flexible Work Hours

Flexibile work hours allow employees to work a standard amount of hours each day of the week, but give more leeway on start, finish, and break times.

How could flexible work hours work for you?

Let’s face it – our days are unpredictable and busy. You may have children to pick up from school or yoga classes at 4:00, so the standard 9-5 shift just doesn’t work for you. Flexibility allows you to change your hours of business, so you can make your personal life fit with your work life, all while avoiding the peak traffic periods which will save you time on your commute!

Time for a change? Try working:
•7 to 3
•8 to 4
•9 to 5