Smart Commute Resource Hub


The Smart Commute Resource Hub contains the most up-to-date information about alternative commuting options and Smart Commute materials to help you run your Smart Commute workplace program. Such information and materials include:

  • Updates from your local transportation networks.
  • Ability to access resources online through downloadable content.
  • Access to Smart Commute essentials and campaign materials such as workplace templates, posters and more!
  • Recognize and apply for awards for your workplace using the designation scorecards and,
  • Learn how to maximize the value of the Smart Commute Tool.

Please be advised that each login and password is specifically tailored to each Smart Commute MRH workplace and is for Champion use only.

If you’d like to become a Smart Commute workplace, click here to find out how.

For current SCMRH workplaces and champions, click to link below to access the Smart Commute Resource Hub webinar presentation. 

PDF: 11-SC-Resource-Hub-and-SC-Essentials-Introduction-1