The Smart Commute Tool

Track Your Trips, See Your Impact, Earn Rewards

The Smart Commute Tool is an advanced online  tool to help you explore your sustainable commute, track the environmental and health impacts of your sustainable trips, and participate in workplaces’ commute challenges, contest, and earn points to redeem rewards by choosing sustainable modes like carpooling, transit, walk,, biking or alternative working arrangements like teleworking. . In this short article, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to set up your account and start logging trips, favourite a trip, and edit or delete logged trips. We’ll talk about reward programs and redeeming rewards on the tool in future posts!

Setting up your account

First, head on over to, and click on Register.

Image of the front page of explore dot smart commute dot ca, with 'Register' buttons on the top and bottom of the page highlighted

Next, input your name, email, and choose a secure password. You can also sign-up using Facebook.

An image of the screen that appears on explore dot smart commute dot CA after clicking register, which asks you to input your name and email, and select a password

When registering, we recommend registering using your work email.

You will then be asked for your home and work postal code, and to find your workplace.

Screenshot of explore dot smart commute dot ca. After entering your name, email, and selected password, you will be asked to provide your work and home postal codes, and find your workplace network

We strongly recommend providing your home and work postal codes, as the app uses this information to help you easily track your trips and find potential carpool or bikepool matches. In addition, joining your workplace network allows you to redeem rewards through participating in challenges or rewards programs at your workplace, and it also helps your workplace to track  sustainable commuting trips and the collective environmental impacts that you and your colleagues are having by commuting sustainably.

And, with that, you’re signed up! It’s that easy.

Logging Trips

Now that you’ve signed up, your Smart Commute Tool Dashboard should appear. Here, you can begin logging your trips!

First, by scrolling to the bottom of your screen, you should see a calendar under “Log My Trips”. Simply click on any of the days that you used a sustainable mode to get to work to start logging your trips (the dates will be highlighted in blue).

Next, on the right side of the calendar, under the tab “Log Trips” you should see a dropdown menu. Click on Where did you go?

You can enter custom start and end locations, or you can select one of your favourite trips (we’ll show you below how to favourite a trip). You can also input your departure and return time – if the trip was only a one-way trip, click No Return Trip. The One-Way distance is automatically calculated based on your Point A to Point B.

Finally, select your mode of travel, and click the blue Log Trips button at the bottom. You can log any type of commute trip available in the drop down menu, including telework ‘trips’ (in other words, days you telecommuted and avoided your commute).

Forget to log trips? Don’t worry – you can log trips up to twelve weeks in the past and up to one week in the future.

Favouriting Your Trip

You can simplify your trip logging by favouriting trips.

To begin, ensure you are again on the Dashboard. If you are not on the dashboard, click the “Dashboard” at the top of the page.

On the dashboard, enter your Start (i.e. your home address or postal code) and your Destination (i.e. your work address or postal code). Then, click on View My Commute Options.

This will bring you to a new page, which allows you to view your options for getting to work, such as carpooling, public transit, cycling or walking.

Next, click on the Grey Star Icon to favourite this trip.

A pop-up will appear confirming your Favourite Trip. The pop up will ask you to provide information about this favourite trip, such as your schedule, whether you are interested in carpooling or bikepooling, and whether you would like to share this trip with others (i.e. whether you will let others connect with you to carpool or bikepool).

After following these steps, your Favourite Trip will now appear on the right side of your Dashboard.

Editing or Deleting Trips

Mistakes happen – if you’ve logged the wrong trips or would like to edit your logged trips, start by clicking on the day(s) you would like to edit or delete on the calendar.

Next, click on History on the right side of the calendar. Your previously logged trips will appear with a blue pencil icon and a red X icon beside each trip. Click on the blue pencil icon to edit the trip, or the red X icon to delete the trip. You can also choose to delete all logged trips for this date by clicking Delete All. A pop-up will then appear asking you to confirm your changes.