Carpool Program

Looking to carpool? Find out how to get started!

Finding a carpool partner

Whether you’re driving alone to work, or to the GO station, chances are there’s someone with a similar commute.

Our Smart Commute Online Tool will help you find your ride match, get in touch with fellow commuters who are interested in carpooling, and get a carpool started.

Click below to find a carpool match by using the Smart Commute’s Online Tool

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 Learn more about finding a carpool match by watching this video!

Carpool Logistics

Calculate how much you should be charging your carpool partner(s) by using our Carpool Savings Calculator.

Did you know that carpooling can reduce your total commuting time? When carpooling,  try using the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes or parking in a spot close to the entrance of your workplace that has been designated for carpoolers only.

Not sure where to meet your carpool partner? Check out this site, which lists of carpool parking lots you can use free of charge, located near highway interchanges throughout Ontario.

Also, don’t forget to check out these carpooling tips to help get you started on your carpool journey!

Carpool Parking Pass

Does your workplace have designated carpool parking?

If so, chances are your workplace is part of the Smart Commute Carpool Parking Pass Program. Learn more about the Smart Commute Carpool Parking Pass Program by contacting your Smart Commute ambassador, who will supply you with a carpool parking pass registration form to apply for your hang tag or follow these instructions to access the registration form for your workplace:

Hover over the “For Commuters” tab in the main navigation menu, then select “Carpool”, “Parking Pass Registration” and click on your employer name.

Unsure of who your Smart Commute Ambassador is? Contact