Why carpool?carpool_lane

It’s Flexible and Convenient

Carpoolers make their own arrangements for being picked up and dropped off – you don’t have to rush to catch a bus or train. Typical pick-up and drop-off locations are in safe and accessible locations at home, on a street corner, at a daycare facility or at a carpool lot.

For a list of free carpool parking lots offered by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, click here.

GO Transit also offers free carpool parking at select stations. To take advantage of these priority parking spots, apply for a free carpool parking permit by completing an application form here.

It’s Affordable

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) estimates that it costs $7,000 to $9,000 to own and operate a car. Carpoolers can reduce their transportation costs by sharing their commute expenses with their carpool partner, or alternate roles as drivers. Either way, carpooling is estimated to save at least half your vehicle costs with regular usage.

It’s Fast

When carpoolers stick to their agreed upon pick-up times, everyone gets to work and home on time. Carpoolers are also eligible to use designated high occupancy vehicle lanes on major highways throughout the region. Commuters who use HOV lanes report saving 14 – 17 minutes trip. See this interactive map and click “HOV lanes” in the left menu to view locations throughout the GTA.

It’s better for your well-being

If driving to work every day is getting on your nerves, you can share the driving with other carpool participants. Driving with another person could also save your life. Studies have shown that good conversation among car passengers keeps drivers’ minds active and alert, which may be necessary after a long day of work.

Need a Carpool Match?

Use Smart Commute’s Trip Tool to find a match by entering your address or postal code at Point A, and then your destination at Point B. See how many potential matches are in your area!

Sustainable Vehicle Travel

The popularity of electric vehicles is growing as more people realize their economic and environmental benefits. Although driving an electric vehicle does not remove a car from the road, it reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

Plug N Drive has a complete list of electric vehicles available for sale in Canada here. For information on the Ministry of Transportation’s Electric Vehicle Incentive program, please visit