Active Transportation

Active Transportation refers to any means of travel that is human-powered. For commuting purposes, the most common forms of active transportation are walking, jogging, in-line skating and cycling. Active transportation choices have many social, economic and environmental benefits that both employers and employees can profit from.

There are several options as an employer for you to consider to encourage active transportation:

1. Implement supporting infrastructure

Having bicycle lockers or racks close to the employee entrance acts as an incentive to employees cycling to work. Employers can provide bicycle repair kits to support cyclists who need to fix their bikes on-site. Another way to support and foster a cycling culture is by providing on-site showers and change room areas for employees to freshen up after their active commute.

2. Cycle Training

Smart Commute can help the facilitation of employee bicycle training programs and safety presentations. We have many partners that can provide standard or custom presentations to your employees.

3. Cycling allowances

As an employer, you have the opportunity to provide a cycling allowance or wellness package to encourage employees to actively commute to work. A cycling allowance can be as little as a dollar a day per employee and provides a huge incentive for employees to cycle to work.

4. Active transportation information on-site or on intranet

Having local cycling maps and information on-site encourages and supports employees that cycle to work. Smart Commute can regularly provide your workplace local cycling maps, walking trails and the most up-to-date information on active transportation.

5. Corporate Bike Fleet

Providing employees with a way to complete their mid-day errands without having to take their car is a huge incentive. Employees can quickly tend to their errands, save money and fit in some physical activity.