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Smart Commute Tool- Carpool, Walk and Cycle

Want to find a carpool partner, or plan a bike or walking trip? Register for the Smart Commute Tool as part of one of the following networks:

Your workplace not listed? Join the Smart Commute Hamilton network instead!

Our online tool can help you:

  • Match your Trip with Others (carpool and more): Save time, money and reduce your impact by finding fellow residents and employees taking similar trips to match a trip with. Simply set your origin and destination for a regular or one-time trip. Smart Commute will match the user with others who have a similar travel plan. Users can search and view potential trip matches that are based upon a specific radius from the origin, destination and along the route. Once an original search has been entered, users are able to easily modify their search, save it for later, or go back and review their recent searches.
  • Explore your Options: Smart Commute will provide a range of travel options for a user’s trip and the impacts associated with each choice. This will help the user to make an informed decision about their trip.
  • Track your Impact: Users may track their trip choices to see the impact on their costs and local environment, receive rewards, and compete with other users. By tracking travel choices in a diary, users will receive digital badges that can be shared on social media for actions such as “first alternative trip logged” or “first bicycle trip.”

A set-by-step video tutorial for using the Smart Commute Tool is now available.

SC Tool Screenshot

Triplinx Transit Trip Planner

Triplinx is the best tool for planning your next transit trip. The tool gives you step-by-step instructions for how you can get from A to B on public transit. Triplinx offers:

  • Route data that is updated more frequently than other transit trip planners like Google Maps;
  • Information on extra transit service offered during special events like Supercrawl or the Canadian National Exhibition; and,
  • Easy access from your computer or desktop!

Trip Linx Tool