City of Hamilton Corporate Programs to save you money!

Hamilton is fortunate to have a variety of transportation modes to help you get around and as City of Hamilton staff there are a number of great deals available just to you! Scroll through to see options for: cycling, carshare, carpooling and transit

Click here for City of Hamilton Employee Commute Options Brochure

Corporate Community CarShare Memberships

community-car-shareSign up today and use Community CarShare to get to meetings and site visits, at no cost to you! It’s as simple as registering, booking online and driving! Cars are conveniently located around the City.

Click here to access the City of Hamilton Corporate CarShare Program Covenant and Registration Form

Personal Community CarShare Memberships

For a limited time only existing Corporate Members can sign up for their own personal Community CarShare membership for only $10. As an extra bonus we will also add $30 in driving credit onto your new account!  Use the promo code COH16.

New Members: visit You will also receive $30 in driving credit, but will be required to pay a $30 application fee, and $10 membership loan.

Existing Corporate Members: email to set up your personal account.

Carpooling – can save you 50% off your drivecarpool

Driving is a lot more fun when you have someone to talk to!  Find a car pool partner and save yourself some money by splitting the cost of gas and parking. Find more information and/or a carpool partner here:

Once you have a car pool set up, the City offers specially marked priority parking spots at select City lots.  To find out more information email:

Transit – Discounted Bus Passdtp

Taking transit is easy and affordable – especially when you sign up for a monthly Discounted Bus Pass – the cost could be as little as $11 a week.  For more information, and to enroll click here.

Want to know when your next bus is coming, or get a route for your trip?  Try the Transit App on your mobile phone. Yes – it’s literally called the “Transit App”.

Walking – it’s free – can’t get any cheaper than that!walking

Have you considered walking to work?  If you live nearby, you might be surprised how refreshing a 20 minute walk feels.  You might also be surprised at how quickly it takes to get to work by walking.  If you live further, consider parking further away or getting off one or two transit stops early and walking the remainder to incorporate some physical activity into your day.

In case of Emergency…

Make use of the emergency reimbursement program. For more information:

Emergency Ride Home