Past Events

Smart Commute Hamilton has in the past hosted several successful events, including Carpool Day/Week, Smart Commute Month, and the Bay Area Transportation Summit. Brief explanations of each event can be found below, while more in-depth explanations can be found by going to the pages.

Smart Commute Month 2018

Smart Commute Month last year was…

Smart Commute Month 2017

Smart Commute Week transformed into Smart Commute Month in 2017. 16 workplaces participated in the Annual Travel Survey – a 128% increase over 2016. We hosted 17 outreach events throughout Smart Commute Month. This campaign was used to renew our partnership with many of the workplaces.

Smart Commute Week 2016

Smart Commute Week saw a revised mandate introduced in 2016. It will now be a regular “check in” survey to understand how commuters are getting around. Smart Commute hosted outreach events at Mohawk, HHS, St. Joe’s West 5th and Charlton, and Horizon Utilities.

Bay Area Transportation Forum 2017

The Bay Area Transportation forum brought together people from across Hamilton and Burlington, for a full day of presentations and workshops regarding the future of transportation in this area. Out of this summit the Mobility Lab project was born, in addition to an improved sense of transportation in and between the cities of Hamilton and Burlington.

Carpool Week 2018

Carpool Week 2018 was…

Carpool Week 2017

Carpool week 2017 had 1,116 trips logged on the Smart Commute Tool. Smart Commute held six outreach events helping to get more Hamilton Workers to start or join a carpool group.

Carpool Week 2016

Carpool week had over 1,100 carpool trips logged during the campaign period, one of the highest total in recent years. Smart Commute held events citywide, helping to get more Hamilton Workers to start or join a carpool group.

Bike to Work Day and Bike Month 2018

Bike to Work Day is an annual, one-day campaign that is aimed at promoting cycling as a viable option for commuting to work. A large number of work-bound trips are within five kilometres of commuters’ home, meaning they can be practically made by bike. It is the unofficial kickoff to Hamilton Bike Month events that are hosted by municipalities and community organizations across the GTHA.

Bike to work day in 2018 saw approximately 600 people gather at City Hall on Monday, May 28th. Nine Cycle Safety workshops hosted throughout the City at various Smart Commute workplaces with 21 attendees.